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0. General.
Hi. Want to be friends?

1. Privacy Policy.
I value my privacy.

2. Restrictions on Use.
Only use this website for the good of Vanu. If you use this website for the good of the TR or NC heathens, I may send or have my representatives send passive-agressive tells to you not to exceed one tell per 30 day period. Reply STOP to stop. Members of TR or NC may send me a joke. If the joke is good, you may flip a coin. If it is heads, you may use the website as if you are VS. If the joke is bad or the flip is tails, once you buy yourself or someone you love a chick fil a chicken sandwich, you may use the website as if you are VS. If you are unsure whether you are VS, TR, or NC, listen to at least 30 seconds of Duel of the Fates and choose the faction you think will win the next alert.

3. Disclaimer of Warranty; Limitation of Liability.
The accuracy of the data of this website is equal to the prettiness of this website. If you win any final court judgement against me, I will be sad.

4. Indemnification.
Not a fan.

5. Miscellaneous.
By using this website, you agree that all defect reports, request for enhancements, or request for any alterations of any kind to the website will only be reported via email to no-reply@coreydulin.com. You also agree to name, or rename if they are already named, your first-born child "Pale Tiger".

6. Violations.
Kharvey2450 has violated the 5. Miscellaneous clause of the terms of use of this website. His/her rights to use this website have been suspended. Retrievals of the Kharvey2450 character will now show 0 ribbons earned and 0 kills for all ribbons and weapons.