Shows the number of recent ribbons for each character in a given outfit. The length of time this report can see varies for each character.

The date next to a character's name shows the oldest date that any achievement (not just the one being counted) was found for that particular character. That date may be limited by the date you entered into the field, that character not getting any achievements on certain days, or that character getting too many achievements. The game only stores the most recent 3,000 or so achievements. Take the 3,000 number with a grain of salt. A large grain. Like all the salt ever cried from the eyes of men listening to generation 1 Taylor Swift music sized grain.

Place outfit id here:

Place furthest date here:

Place minimum outfit rank to evaluate here: (must be a positive integer 1-8. 1 is highest rank. 8 is lowest rank)

Place minimum value to include in results here: (must be a non-negative integer)

Place achivement (ribbon) id here: